Groups / Teams / Solo

We offer groups, teams and individuals a space to discover their own, individual development paths.

Changes require adjustments or the development of new processes in different tempo – within me, with others, within the organization.
In the joint work we will take jointly a look at your topic, visualize it, structure and develop concrete results.
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Online / Offline / Hybrid

Coaching and training are possible and as effective in physical and virtual space.

With ONLINE as well as on premises or in BLENDED formats, we will enable you to:

  • exchange interactively
  • generate opportunities for development
  • at an intensive (learning) experiences
  • and co-creative exchange

ONLINE – at PREMISSES or BLENDED – CONBEN has many years of international experience with team and leadership development.

Different Way Of Coaching− Walk The Talk

Not only in special times, but a walk can also be a way to leave old ways of thinking and explore new paths. Other sensory impressions, depending on the weather, stimulate other points of view.

We move step by step towards your goal – guaranteed with the necessary distance to the topic and at your speed.